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In modern business, a great part of price is set by transportation costs. Increasing extent of freight has greater and greater impact on the economics of companies and states.

In order to minimize our customers’ financial, time and labor expenses related to the organization of transport, UAB LOGNET (PLC LOGNET) organizes and carries out logistic projects. Our company works in collaboration with major carriers in the European Union and Commonwealth of Independent States. The following grants a possibility of security for the continuous provision with service.

Thoroughly selected and already proved carriers as well as the terminal data base enables us to propose the most optimal solutions for our customers concerning transit, storage and transshipment of cargo or parcels.

Our company staff can offer service starting from the delivery of envelopes to the vast over-sized cargo freight applying any way of transportation.
If you need to freight a cargo or you are looking for somebody who would take care of cargo freight organization in your company or you are simply searching for any advice under logistics issues - UAB LOGNET (PLC LOGNET) professionals are always at your service.

Tel.: UK: +442031511440 / LT: +37060549509, +37060806039
Email: info@log-net.lt


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You are a company that provides with qualitative transpotation service. We have also noticed that you are capable of getting adjusted to our needs and

The reviews concerning your company are very warm-hearted. You work well and properly. You always suggest a good and flexible pricing for transport service. Everything

Our company has a good working relationship with JSC Lognet and we have been using their transport services since the autumn of last year to

We have been working with Lognet for more than 4 years now and since the very beginning we felt being a very important customer, getting

JSC “LOGNET” is our reliable partner. This company distinguishes by its pleasant communication and fast situational solutions as well as the search for the best